Recession Forcing Automakers To Think About Mobile

Automakers have been among the hardest hit by the significant down-turn in our economy.  While advertising budgets are usually the first to be cut, automakers face a catch-22 in that they need to boost advertising to bolster sales, but also need to reduce the outflow of cash for their advertising budgets.

A way for automakers to find common ground is to finally make the move to mobile advertising, which has among the highest ROI of any type of advertising these days.  Beyond expensive TV advertising and traveling to all the auto shows, automakers are using things like mobile Web sites and SMS-based campaigns to help build an opt-in database.

Nissan and its luxury-subsidiary Infiniti have joined many others and taken the leap to mobile with the launch of separate mobile WAP-based and iPhone-optimized Websites.  The sites feature galleries of the different models offered, as well as “build-your-own” functionality and the all-important opt-in request for more information.  As people are looking for a new vehicle, the internet is likely the first stop on anyone’s search.  

Unlike traditional Web sites where the automaker would have no idea of someone’s interest in the brand, mobile Web sites allow for opt-in request and tracking capabilities.  Solutions like Gumiyo take it a step further and offer direct SMS-based communication between the interested consumer and the dealer- creating an ever-growing mobile database along the way.

With dealers closing left and right, and automakers seeing double-digit losses month after month, every avenue should be explored, and at the moment, there’s no better avenue than the solid use of mobile marketing.