Real-time Data Projected to Play Major Role in 2014 Enterprise Strategy

Real-time Data Projected to Play Major Role in 2014 Enterprise StrategyAccording to a new report from Automic, a platform for automating businesses, enterprise strategies will be shaped by the improved ability to make business decisions and execute based on real-time data in 2014.

On Monday, Automic shared its predictions and drew attention to the key trends and disruptors that will impact global organizations next year, including using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve automation, implementing multi-channel strategies and responding to cross-channel customer demands.

Among the projections made are:

  • Real-time execution will hit its stride in 2014 and touch nearly every facet of the IT landscape. Cloud control and big data digestion have also lost their novelty, but not their endurance. With heightened customer demands for market defining technologies, next generation strategies such as virtualization, Cloud, and mobile high transactional models means that organizations will continue to juggle more real-time processing than ever before.
  • The CIO Becoming the Chief AI Officer: Formerly known as a topic for science fiction, AI will become an integral part of daily automation and solutions for everyday business. For example, Cloud AI offering scaling will be based on a set of rules determined by the CIO that trigger when traffic spikes or server resource usage increases. With the CIO managing the resource automation during peak seasons, they will also become the AI officer spearheading all business and technology needs.
  •  Unraveling Mobile IT: Across industries, particularly retail and financial services, routine changes and new functionalities are creating cumbersome, unsustainable environments costing enterprises time, patience and their bottom line. Multi-channel and multi-platform approaches will become streamlined, cohesive powerhouses, harmonizing disjointed business systems to reap the tangible benefits for both the enterprise and the consumer.

“Ultimately, the question all organizations will ask themselves in the next year is, ‘How can we avoid redundancies in our business, while making the most of our time?'” says Craig Beddis, Chief Marketing Officer for Automic. “With every checked box is an earnest, but tedious, approach and IT delivery paradigms should be simplified, sleek and uncomplicated. Businesses should build the risk out of their systems, and realize that it’s what’s under the hood that truly impacts demand – it also holds the key to the next generation of innovation.”