Readz Rolls Out ‘Game-Changing’ Mobile Marketing Platform

Readz Rolls Out 'Game-Changing' Mobile Marketing PlatformOn Thursday, MMW was briefed by the team at Readz about their latest news.

Bolstered by a reported $7 million in startup funding, Readz is rolling out an “innovative online content-creation platform that enables marketers to rapidly deploy interactive and stylish microsites, landing pages, web magazines, white papers and reports, and push the content to mobile devices with just the click of a mouse and no software coding.”

With ample funding on its business war-chest, Readz is ready to make a dent in the world of mobile marketing — or, perhaps we should we say, a bigger dent.

“Less than 25 percent of today’s B2B web traffic is driven from mobile devices, and an even smaller percentage of that generates revenue. This is primarily because most web content is static and requires time-consuming downloads that users don’t want to deal with,” said Bart De Pelsmaeker, CEO of Readz. “Readz helps clients create interactive stories and experiences that draw customers and prospects into the content and engages them in ways that were not possible before.”

De Pelsmaeker believes that Readz “brings brands to life in a rapid and visual way that makes it simple for marketers to create stunning content and quickly place it online. We see many of our customers using Readz alongside their existing content management tools.”

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