Ready or Not, Verizon is Pushing Smartphones into 4G LTE

Verizon is doing its part to push the smartphone industry out of its comfort zone in a hurry.

On Wednesday, the largest carrier in the United States announced that it has a new “hard requirement” of all future smartphones on its network: they must support 4G LTE.

In response to the so-called demand, iPhone loyalists are openly questioning whether the next generation Apple touchscreen smartphone will finally embrace 4G LTE.

Others, however, are already drawing attention to a loophole in Verizon’s bold pledge.

According to the carrier, the “requirement” may not be as strict as it sounds. Verizon admits that exceptions will be made, although no insight was given as to whether such an exception will be made for the iPhone.

One thing, of course, is patently obvious. And that is Verizon certainly won’t drop the iPhone – the hottest new smartphone on its network – in the event that the iPhone 5 isn’t 4G friendly.

“We’re paving the way here for the rest of the world on LTE,” Keith Lampron, Verizon’s associate director of device marketing, tells CNET.