Readers Reveal Poor Recall for Native Ads

Readers Reveal Poor Recall for Native AdsAccording to an insightful new report from NativeMobile, native ads may not be as memorable as many brands might have hoped.

New information cited in Monday’s report reveals that readers are admitting to having poor recall when it comes to native ads. That is, most readers don’t remember what the ads were about.

And that’s a problem.

“The findings presented in a freshly published survey by HubShout, an online marketing firm, deliver some bad news for brands,” the piece reads. “As it turns out, two-thirds of readers surveyed have read a native ad, but well over half couldn’t subsequently remember the native ad’s message or what it was even about.”

Fortunately, most survey respondents did admit to believing that there is some value in sponsored content.

For a full breakdown of the data in question, check out the full post here.