Reaching the Unreachable: Innovid Launches New Solution to Help Brands Engage with ‘Unreachable Consumers’

Innovid, a leading global video marketing platform, announced Monday a new solution and partnerships to help brands reach, measure and engage the elusive ‘mobile first’ audiences.

MMW has learned that these new solutions include improvements to measurement that will scale mobile in-app video viewability and that will provide support for personalization and interactivity in video.

Innovid and leading SDK providers Fyber, InMobi and MoPub–working in tandem with verification providers—offer increased transparency and performance across VAST inventory for in-app mobile, enabling marketers to measure and engage in-app audiences on a much larger scale than previously possible.

Video is now most commonly viewed on mobile devices. eMarketer has predicted that 77 percent of all video spend will be executed programmatically in 2019, and that nearly 80 percent of programmatic ad spend will go to mobile rather than desktop.

“2018 is an inflection point for mobile video – advertisers are aware they cannot effectively reach certain audiences without being in-app, but up to this point, the lack of measurement and engaging formats has been a roadblock,” said Michael Tuminello, VP of Solutions and Partnerships, Innovid. “The rollout of standardized in-app viewability, and now the availability of a standardized format for delivering dynamic and engaging messages alongside mobile video, should help to close the gap between brands and audiences in the programmatic mobile video space, which – according to current trends – will make up the majority of the video market worldwide. We are partnering with some of the largest and most innovative mobile advertising companies to kick start what we hope will be an industry-wide effort to support transparency and engagement at scale for mobile video.”

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