Ralph Lauren Brand Talks Mobile with AdAge

Another worth-a-read post at AdAge this week features an interview with luxury fashion brand Ralph Lauren’s senior VP of advertising, marketing and corporate communications, David Lauren (read the full interview here). The interview focuses on Ralph Lauren’s innovation in mobile marketing, and how the brand is leading the fashion industry into mobile.

In September, Ralph Lauren started to sell its Rugby brand on a mobile app targeting young adult fashion consumers who want to personalize what they buy and how they buy it. The free iPhone and iPod Touch mobile app enables customers to custom design their own rugby shirts, polo shirts, sweaters and other products.

“It’s great to see all these brands invotating on the phone…. a single ad in a magazine with a dress or two is powerful, but being able to show 52 looks to someone standing on a corner in Texas is another way to touch them,” Lauren told AdAge.

Lauren started using QR Codes when the company opened a store in Japan over four years ago. However, these marketing devices haven’t taken off in the US quite yet. Lauren tells AdAge that “it’s more about us doing things that we think are interesting and hoping the customer will be excited as we are. I do believe in the sensibility of, if you build it, they will come, if the excitement is there.”