Radius Releases New CMO Insights Report

Radius Releases New CMO Insights ReportOn Thursday, Radius shared with MMW details of the new CMO Insights Report, which is available in full to Salesforce customers.

The CMO Insights Report, if you’re not familiar, is a customizable report that delivers predictions within one day of syncing Radius with Salesforce, identifying those new segments with high propensities for conversion.

Here’s how it works:

Radius conducts a highly customizable win/loss analysis, matches a company’s Salesforce records to the Radius Business GraphSM to assess CRM health, and identifies top conversion signals based on historical success rates. Radius’ predictive marketing software utilizes the Radius Business Graph of more than 50 billion dynamic business signals to power its recommendations and customer analytics.

At this year’s Dreamforce conference (September 15th­18th), Radius will unveil the features and benefits of the full platform for Salesforce customers.

“This is the most powerful modern tool yet introduced to CMOs,” says Angela Zener, SVP of Marketing at Radius. “Marketers have sought the same insights through complicated and laborious data mining and modeling projects for years. The CMO Insights Report shows how this can be done instantaneously with real­time CRM integration, sophisticated and pre­build data models, all delivered through the power and security of cloud technology.”

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