RadiumOne and Mobile Marketing Association Find ‘Untapped Opportunities’ for Marketers in Mobile

RadiumOne, a data-driven marketing technology company, has just released “The Impact of Mobile Signals on the Consumer Journey,” a report in conjunction with the Mobile Marketing Association.

The full report, which is available here, is based on interviews with over 300 senior marketers. All told, the discussions reveal that the vast majority (80%) agree that consumer usage of mobile devices has significantly increased the volume of digital engagement data at their disposal.

For example:

  • Two-thirds admitted that they’re not confident they’ve identified the most important signals in their customers’ journey
  • Over six in 10 (61%) still aren’t fully confident in their ability to find new profitable customers
  • 58% are not fully confident in their re-engagement efforts to alleviate customer churn
  • Over 50% aren’t confident in their ability to acquire new customers and re-engage lost ones.

“The industry talks constantly about the flood of new data generated by digital engagement, and this is especially the case with mobile, given how indispensable smartphones are today,” said Bill Lonergan, CEO of RadiumOne. “But the plain truth is that most marketers simply aren’t confident in their ability to capture and utilize data effectively. As a result, we must help them in three key areas: identifying the right consumer signals of interest and intent, building accurate insights and predictions and activating these to maximize return on marketing investment.”