Quorum Information Technologies Touts Mobile DMS Strategy

carQuorum Information Technologies Inc., a North American automotive dealership and customer management system provider, is showing off the first of its new mobile applications for its flagship system, XSELLERATOR at the 2016 NADA convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, which kicks off today.

The Quorum DMS, XSELLERATOR, has always been able to run completely on a mobile platform (such as tablets) due to its inherent architecture, the company tells us. However, the system was presented in its entirety on the screen, which was not always ideal for smaller devices or screens with lots of information.

Quorum, therefore, has embarked on a strategy to develop true mobile applications for key DMS functions that scale and run on popular mobile platforms such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system.

MMW was told that Quorum is showing the first two of these applications on the exhibit floor of this year’s NADA convention. The Vehicle Inspection Process app (VIP) lets service advisors and technicians take their device right to the customer’s vehicle to do walk around inspections and sell additional services. While some companies provide similar functionality in their standalone drive-through systems, Quorum’s system is unique in that it is fully integrated with XSELLERATOR in real-time and does not require that information be pulled from, or pushed to, the DMS like a third party system does.

The second application the company is showing is for Sales CRM, the news release explains. The popular “sales planner” – a comprehensive showroom and customer follow-up part of XSELLERATOR – has been developed for mobile devices so that salespeople are not tied to their desks while they work with showroom prospects and complete their daily follow-up. It, too, is fully integrated with XSELLERATOR in real-time.

“This is an exciting development in the evolution of XSELLERATOR,” says Dan Ichelson, Quorum’s Vice President of Product and Operations. “For the past couple of years we have been adding new functionality in XSELLERATOR using modern scalable technologies such as HTML5. The technology allows us to develop clean, intuitive screens for dealership personnel and scales well to different sized devices. Now, we are taking that strategy a step further and isolating key features of the system that users can benefit from using while not at their desks. We are putting it in their hands, wherever they are, in the form of true mobile applications that communicate directly with the XSELLERATOR DMS.”