QuickMobile Releases Version 2.0

While Apple strives to steal the show today, a lot of folks are actually buzzing about QuickMobile’s just released Version 2.0 of its Contextual Mobile Marketing Platform.

Described by company officials as “allowing brand managers and marketers to create permission-based campaigns for mobile device,” Version 2.0 includes new permission-based features, the ability for customers to create multi-layered campaigns and two new applications – Mobile Polling and Mobile Results.

The product also includes enhancements such as double opt-in, permission-based services, enhanced security, end-user defined preferences and automatic start and end functionality.

Version 2.0 lets companies “deliver information customers actually want on their cell phones in a relevant, personalized, valuable and timely way,” said CEO Patrick Payne. “The potential for improved end-user experience and interaction is tremendous.”

Mobile Polling is a self-managed audience response system with a Web-based dashboard letting presenters interact and engage with their audience like never before. Mobile Results is a reporting and analytics tool.

Check out www.quickmobile.com for more info.