Quickmobile Introduces New Contextual Mobile Marketing Platform

The partnerships continue. And this one could be a slippery “slope.”

QuickMobile announced today that it is teaming up with Big White & Silver Star Resorts to operate what’s being called “comprehensive mobile marketing programs for the companies using QM’s Contextual Mobile Marketing Platform Version 2.0.”

The mobile marketing campaigns will begin October 1st and run to the end of the ski season in 2009. If you’re an avid skier heading for the slopes, you may find this development to your advantage. Some of the features of QuickMobile’s mobile marketing platform are: the two resorts will make use of include user defined preferences and start/end dates, customizable keywords, automatic double opt-in functionality, increased security and web-enabled content integration.

“The QuickMobile team is very excited about bringing a new marketing dimension to Big White & Silver Star Resorts. Mobile Marketing is the best channel for brands that want to build 1-to-1 relationships with its customers anytime, anywhere. Version 2.0 of our mobile marketing platform enables companies to deliver information customers actually want on their cell phones in a relevant, personalized, valuable and timely way,” said CEO Patrick Payne CEO of QuickMobile.