QuickMobile Launches Next-Gen Mobile App and Analytics Platform for Enterprise

QuickMobile Drops Next-Gen Mobile App and Analytics Platform for EnterpriseThis week, QuickMobile rolled out the next generation of its enterprise mobile app and analytics platform for meetings and events.

Calling it a breakthrough platform, the company says its QuickMobile Enterprise 2.0 enables companies to “respond to the rapidly growing demand for mobile capabilities for all their internal and external meetings and events, and to link event data with other business data.”

In short, QuickMobile says the aggregated data provides a more holistic view of the company’s stakeholders and the ability to demonstrate a clear return on investment.
This was announced at the 2015 Professional Convention Management Association PCMA Convening Leaders Conference in Chicago.

“Connecting meeting data to internal IT systems is the next enterprise frontier, and we are addressing this issue with our new technology,” says Craig Brennan, CEO of QuickMobile. “Our platform is a complete disruption to how things have been done in the past and will become as mission-critical as traditional ERP and CRM systems.”

To learn more, check out QuickMobile here.