Quattro Confuses Some (Like Me)… But Gets The Job Done

As I was watching Mariah Carey’s latest video on my iPhone today, I was puzzled for a bit about all the new vehicles that appeared to be in the video.

Turns out, I was mistaken. Those were car ads. And Quattro Wireless is the reason for my surprisingly prolonged confusion.

Quattro Wireless, a mobile ad network with about 300 sites, is hard at work for 2009, planning to go all out for the exclusive deal they recently signed with Island Def Jam Music Group to serve ads for the record label’s mobile web site, IDJMobile.com.

The deal is big news for Quattro because of IDJ’s wide-ranging talent roster including Rihanna, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, and Melissa Etheridge.

Brand advertisers could find the crossover appeal of IDJ’s old- and new-school artists attractive for certain classes of products. The marriage of mobile and music has been a long and mostly successful one dating back to ringtones.

Despite the inability of many to indulge in high-end purchases during this economic downturn, many high-end automobiles will be flaunted relentlessly (or so it seems) via Quattro. Advertisers indeed remain interested because of the promise of 3 billion mobile phones worldwide with location awareness accessing the mobile web.

I welcome the fusion of music and mobile marketing. Just don’t get confused like I did and spend an hour contemplating why Rihanna really seems to like the new Mercedes.

Just an ad.