Quantum Interface Takes Deeper Plunge into Augmented Reality

Quantum Interface Takes Deeper Plunge into Augmented RealityThere’s no market like the augmented reality market, and it stands to make plenty of companies a good deal of money in the years to come.

Users wearing Augmented Reality (AR) glasses and participating in virtual worlds will find their AR experience transformed through “the most advanced user experience and user interface launching today from Quantum Interface (Qi).”

Those are some pretty strong words. So what’s the hype all about?

The new interface allows anyone under a hood or wearing the specialized glasses to navigate the AR world with their thumbs moving on a connected touchpad interface. This approach resolves the vexing problem of how to scroll, navigate or select while wearing heads-up displays or glasses.

The Qi technology is being demonstrated with Epson’s new Moverio smart glasses at the Augmented World Expo thos week in Santa Clara.

“We have been developing our interface to be highly intuitive and easy to use, and it’s very well-suited to Augmented Reality and navigating while under a hood or wearing the glasses,” says Jonathan Josephson, CTO and founder of Quantum Interface. “The revolutionary new interface delivers the most advanced and intuitive interface for AR with a dramatically different user experience.”