Quantcast Releases List of Top Global Ad Networks and Platforms

Quantcast Releases List of Top Global Ad Networks and PlatformsWho’s on top in the world of global ad networks and platforms?

Wonder no more. Quantcast, one of the leading technology and real-time advertising companies in the world, has released a list of the top 20.

Rubicon Project made the top of the list, with a reach of 544 million people in October.

“The list, which can be found here, is the first in a quarterly series. It includes representation across the advertising ecosystem, from ad exchanges, such as OpenX, to platforms focused on specialized ad units, such as GumGum,” Quantcast says.

“The Top Global Ad Networks and Platforms List provides insight into the makeup of the global online advertising ecosystem and the power that Quantcast Measure brings to ad networks and platforms for validation and demonstration of their audience composition and reach,” said Jag Duggal, senior vice president of Product Management for Quantcast. “At the top of the list are supply-side platforms and ad-exchange platforms that connect buyers and sellers globally.”

Rubicon execs were pleased with the results of Quantcast’s analyses.

“Premium publishers and Web applications are increasingly adopting advertising automation technology to help them reach audiences globally,” commented Gregory R. Raifman, president, Rubicon Project. “Ranking No. 1 on the Quantcast list is proof that Rubicon Project is the top choice for those who seek unprecedented global reach and scale.”

Adblade, a content advertising platform that landed in the top five on the list, was also laudatory.

“Quantcast has been a very valuable tool for us over the years and has helped us demonstrate our rapid audience growth and quality to both advertisers and publishers across the U.S. and worldwide,” said Ash Nashed, founder and CEO of Adblade.

Interestingly, nine of the 20 entities on the Quantcast list reached the majority of their audiences outside of the U.S.