Quantcast Acquisition Aims to Develop New Digital Advertising Solutions

Quantcast Takes to Acquisition to Develop New Digital Advertising SolutionsTo achieve their stated goal of creating relevant advertising that generates impressive results, Quantcast has acquired Stuq.

Stuq is best known for their ability to personalize ads, which translates into increased engagement and, consequently, increased results. Quantcast, on the other hand, is best known for an in-depth understanding of consumer’s online behavior.

Now that the two are one, Quantcast aims to improve their results and offer marketers a wide range of real-time, and highly effective marketing solutions. While Quantcast has long been a leader when it comes to big data, the addition of personalized ads and marketing solutions stands to prove quite beneficial.

While Quantcast could have started from scratch and tried to replicate Stuq’s results, that would have taken time and timing is everything in the modern digital world.

“Struq’s mission is to revolutionize advertising through personalization.  Combining Quantcast’s unrivaled data about online user behavior with our ad personalization technology will lead to a deeper understanding of users and enable us to more effectively personalize an ad to them. This will drive greater relevancy for every consumer and more efficient media spend for marketers.”