Qualcomm Prepping 4G LTE Chips for Next iPhone

Apple’s 6th generation iPhone is on the way. And Qualcomm will reportedly play a major role in its looming production.

According to reports out of the far east today, some of the industry’s biggest chipmakers are actively preparing to make the new iPhone 4G LTE compatible.

Qualcomm, Broadcom, STMicroelectronics, NXP, Texas Instruments (TI) and OmniVision have, according to DigiTimes, been mass producing the chips that will make future smartphones – like Apple’s iPhone 6 – 4G ready.

Qualcomm and Broadcom are producing 4G and Wi-Fi chips using a 28nm process at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), indicated the sources, adding that OmniVision is currently also seeking capacity at TSMC’s 12-inch fab, resulting a tight production capacity for the foundry’s 28nm process.

Most  market watchers and analysts are in agreement that the next iPhone will debut in or around October of this year.

As MMW previously reported, in addition to 4G LTE compatibility, the new iPhone will likely deliver a larger screen and NFC integration.