Qualcomm Announces Acquisition of GestureTek

On Monday, Qualcomm announced that it has acquired “certain assets” from GestureTek, a developer of gesture recognition technology.

If you’re unfamiliar with the firm, GestureTek has logged better than one-quarter century worth of experience in implementing gesture-based technologies in mobile devices, entertainment facilities, healthcare systems, retail locations, and public and private venues.

The acquisition gives Qualcomm ownership of certain intellectual property assets related to gesture recognition, as well as key engineering resources. GestureTek is retaining other assets in continuation of its gesture-controlled public display and digital signage business.

“Applications processors are enabling a range of new ways for consumers to interface with their home entertainment and mobile devices,” says Qualcomm executive Steve Mollenkopf. “Our acquisition of key technology and assets from GestureTek will strengthen Qualcomm’s smartphone product portfolio and enable our customers to launch products with new and compelling user experiences.”

Qualcomm says that gesture recognition technology will be integrated into its current and next-generation Snapdragon processors, giving OEMs the capability to produce smartphones, tablets and home entertainment devices with user interfaces based on natural human gestures.