QR Codes Really 'Branching' Out

QR Codes Really 'Branching' OutHave you ever been standing in a park, looked at a tree, and wondered, “What species is this?” In Matthews Park (in Norwalk, CT), each tree has been assigned its own QR code, so all you have to do is scan the code with your smartphone and you’ll be instantly transported to a world of information about that tree and its species.

But why? According to QRcodepress, this effort is an attempt to get individuals more interested in the world around them and to raise awareness about the importance of trees in the urban environment. Twenty-four of the species in the park are now equipped with quick response signage, which allows anyone in the immediate area to learn about the tree.

Ron Muller spearheaded this project and was integral in creating the codes and affixing them to the trees. He said, “I think it’s important for the younger generation, who use these QR codes for sure, to get acquainted with what’s around them and trees are certainly an important part of what we are and what we have.”

It is definitely a unique take on integrating technology with nature and engaging the population of people that most need to learn about the importance of urban trees.

To learn more about this innovative use of tech in nature, check out the full story here.