QR Codes Prove Hot Commodities at SXSW

This year at SXSW, QR codes are everywhere. And while they’re nothing new in the digital realm, their growing adoption among consumers and companies is notable nonetheless. Last …

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QR Codes Prove Hot Commodities at SXSWThis year at SXSW, QR codes are everywhere. And while they’re nothing new in the digital realm, their growing adoption among consumers and companies is notable nonetheless.

Last night in Austin at the mega convention, Mahala introduced its new digital commerce platform, which allows consumers and fans to purchase digital content or merchandise directly from artists, labels or merchants, using their mobile phones.

The team at Mahala clearly picked the perfect event and venue to tout its newest offering.

So how does it work? Consumers simply scan Mahala’s S-QR codes, using Mahala’s Mobile Wallet application or any standard QR code reader, to immediately and securely purchase items.

Artists, labels and merchants can easily sell digital content or merchandise to consumers anywhere over any media using the Mahala app available for iOS and Android device. The S-QR codes can be placed on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, embedded in videos, and placed in print media, like posters or magazines. Consumers then simply scan the S-QR code to make purchases.

Wu Music Group has partnered with Mahala to launch the pre-sale of the much-anticipated Wu Tang Clan album “A Better Tomorrow” at SXSW this week. Wu Music Group will sell copies of their new album via promotional posters placed throughout the SXSW event.

“We’re excited to work with Mahala to provide our fans with a great and unique purchase experience while at the SXSW event. We constantly look for ways to better engage our fans and provide them with new ways to interact with us. Mahala delivered that for us,” said Mitchell Diggs, Executive Producer of Wu Tang Productions and now COO of Wu Music Group. “Mahala gave us the capability to reach thousands of fans at the SXSW event with a direct purchase experience, something we’ve never been able to do.”

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