QR Codes Find Their Way Into Leading Newspaper

The mobile revolution has successfully infiltrated traditional print media.

On Friday, USA Today announced that it is working with AT&T to “enhance your news consumption experience.” As a result, AT&T Mobile Barcodes will now be featured on USA Today newspaper pages.

According to this morning’s announcement, USA Today readers can now use nearly any QR scanning application, including the free AT&T Code Scanner, to launch interactive, multimedia content on their mobile devices.

The agreement between AT&T and USA Today allows readers to experience the best of both worlds – the familiarity of reading a newspaper and the excitement of engaging with news on their mobile device.

Throughout the coming months, AT&T Mobile Barcodes will appear in each section of USA Today. In addition, AT&T Mobile Barcodes will be featured in USA Today Sports Weekly and select special publications.

“We are proud to have been one of the first U.S. newspapers to offer interactive codes daily and we’re looking forward to enhancing our mobile barcode experience with AT&T. This initiative furthers our goal to bridge digital and print by providing our readers easier access to special features,” says Chet Czarniak, executive editor, content distribution and programming for USA TODAY.

Will you be glad to see QR codes inside the pages of USA Today?