Qittle Teams with LoveSac to Provide SMS Service to Clients

If you see a goofy-looking “love bus” drive down the highway next week, send a text message to the number emblazoned on the side of it.

Why? No one is exactly sure yet. But something cool is being hyped.

LoveSac, the alternative furniture company, is planning a text messaging campaign to supplement the popularity of their traveling “LoveSac bus.”

With more than twenty retail locations, a substantial web presence and the mobile LoveSac tour bus, the original idea of a “giant five-person foam-filled bag” has grown to include a wide variety of novelty furniture items.

Management at LoveSac, however, is now looking to “spread the love” through  the mobile channel.

“Texting via Qittle,” said LoveSac in a company statement, “gets LoveSac in the front pocket and in the heads of anyone who sees the LoveSac Bus.”

The LoveSac bus leaves for the start of its spring tour next week with the text verbiage printed on the side. How this campaign will work is anyone’s guess. But, chances are, it’s safe to expect something every bit as kooky as the furniture maker’s product.