QderoPateo Debuts “Worldlenns” iPhone App, Introduces Augmented Reality Social Interaction

QderoPateo Debuts Worldlenns iPhone App, Introduces Augmented Reality Social InteractionI’ve long had a keen interest in Qdero Pateo, a unique startup working on their own brand of augmented reality known as “articulated naturality,” and who’s even released a first-of-its-kind AR-based device called the “Ouidoo Gaian Scene.”

The company today announced its first mobile app known as “Worldlenns,” which is an augmented reality app for the iPhone 3GS that incorporates “SpaceTagging,” a concept pioneered by QderoPateo to allow users to “touch and tag the real world.”

Being called the “first augmented reality fan social interaction tool,” the new app allows users to take a picture, upload it, and even leave a virtual note for other users to see- it’s a social-based augmented reality experience that integrates digital information with the real world.

Here’s how it works; a user opens up the app, signs in and is presented with several “channels” to choose from.  These channels include things like “tag your moment,” “tag your deal” and “tag something tasty.”  The user chooses what category they’d like to tag, and the app goes into camera-mode to allow the user to start tagging the physical world around them.

The user can then tag real-world objects and locations which is then available for other users to stumble upon and contribute to.  It’s social networking that combines the digital aspect of new-age social applications with the physical world around us, creating a unique mashup that signals the future of mobile social networking.

The possibilities of an application like this as the user-base grows are plenty.  Think of it as a foursquare on steroids, whereas instead of “checking-in” virtually, users can check-in by tagging real-world locations and objects.  Built-in mobile advertising models and more could easily be integrated with the foundation Worldlenns has created as well.  We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on this one.