Q2 Mobile Ad Impressions Grow 61% Over Q1, According To New Report From BuzzCity

Global mobile media company BuzzCity today released the results of its “Global Mobile Advertising Index” for Q2 2010, in which it reveals a quarter-over-quarter increase of 61% for mobile advertising impressions over Q1.

What’s interesting is that this isn’t another fly-by-night report issued without merit- BuzzCity gathered this data through the serving of over 12.8 billion ad impressions across 200 countries.  During Q2, a total of 44 markets each delivered monthly traffic exceeding 10 million impressions per month – an increase from 32 markets in Q1.  Indonesia, India, the US, South Africa and Vietnam dominated the top 5, with Ghana showing the most growth over the three-month period at a staggering 654%.

BuzzCity serves up banner advertisements to a global audience, which provides different insight from similar reports that mix in-app advertising, the mobile Web and other forms.  The Global Mobile Advertising Index tracks activity across BuzzCity’s network including over 2500 publishers across the globe, with the findings representing a “measure of advertiser demand for mobile internet advertising.”  Take a look at the stats provided in the chart above, or view the full report here.  You can also view past reports here.