Pushing Away Paper is the Latest Mobile Move, Vodafone Proves

MMW can now confirm that Vodafone Group, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, has selected Haystack for the deployment of digital business cards across Vodafone’s global workforce.

The effort, we’re told, effectively reduces the company’s reliance on paper cards.

Following an extensive internal assessment and selection process, including two pilots and dozens of Vodafone employees across several geographies, Vodafone had selected Australian startup Haystack as its exclusive digital business card provider for the global rollout.

“After trialing a number of alternatives, Haystack was found to be a solution which struck a balance between embracing the new capabilities of smart devices, while staying true to the classic ‘paper card exchange’ experience” says Virginie Vast, Head of the Cognitive Procurement and Digital Sourcing team at Vodafone.

“90% of all traditional business cards end up being thrown away immediately by the recipient”, said Ran Heimann, Founder & CEO of Haystack. “In contrast, Haystack Cards are seeing an engagement level that is more than 10 times greater, which means recipients prefer the digital cards too.”

After considering other alternatives like plastic QR codes and digital card providers, the group ran a test pilot which saw Haystack chosen as the leading provider both in terms of functionality and ease of use.

According to a provided press release, Vodafone Group is expected to complete the rollout of digital business cards by September 2017.