Purdue Software Engineer Creates Mobile Marketing Platform

Purdue Software Engineer creates Mobile Marketing PlatformA former Purdue University software engineer named Broc Seib has found success as an entrepreneur.

And he’s making great strides in the realm of mobile marketing.

This week, Seib announced the launch of SendTree, a mobile marketing platform that makes it “easy and affordable” for businesses and organizations to send text messages, emails and voicemails to groups – large or small.

The visionary behind SendTree says his platform enables end users to choose the types of messages they receive so they get only the stuff they want.

“Every organization has felt the struggle of staying connected to the people who matter most,” Seib commented in a press release. “Cutting through the clutter of marketing messages target audiences swim in daily is tough for any organization. In order to be heard, organizations must meet an audience in the spaces they frequent. Today, it’s no secret this space is mobile.”

So why did Seib enter the mobile marketing arena?

By Seib’s own admission, SendTree was created because of the market demand for a user-friendly, affordable mobile marketing platform, and also to fulfill his lifelong goal of starting a business.

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial itch,” he says. “If anything, I should have set out on my own sooner.”