Pulsate Launches Mobile Marketing Growth Stack

patrick-leddy-pulsateThis week, the team at Pulsate, a self proclaimed pioneer in mobile marketing software, unveiled the “Mobile Marketing Growth Stack” to help companies “supercharge their app engagement.”

Pulsate CEO, Patrick Leddy (pictured on right), said, “The reality is the majority of apps are only used once, users churn within the first few days and ignore push notifications.”

According to the announcement emailed to MMW on Tuesdsay, Pulsate solves these problems by “simplifying how marketers communicate with their users, allowing them to send highly personalized campaigns that attract attention and inspire action.”

“Customers are in the midst of a mobile mind shift and expect content on demand that is tailored towards their immediate context,” Leddy adds.

Pulsate understands the many signals that come from users’ devices and turns them into real-time context. By understanding customer behavior across location, app usage and CRM, Pulsate automatically communicates with users in new ways that enrich app engagement.

To learn more about Pulsate’s “Mobile Marketing Growth Stack,” which consists of six products from mobile app engagement to conversation tools, click here.