PulsarBox Provides Unique Mobile Marketing Platform

PulsarBox Mobile is a new mobile content platform that provides a way for companies, large and small, to send information to current and potential customers- making it a tool for marketing campaigns, special announcements, new product alerts, bulletin boards and news delivery.

Where the service differs from most, is the fact that content sent to mobile devices can be downloaded using a mobile application, which eliminates the need for a constant online connection. This provides an opportunity to engage customers via unique campaigns such a videos that can be watched even when there’s no mobile connectivity.

The bi-directional functionality of PulsarBox Mobile allows users to receive feedback via polls, forms and message boards even without a network connection- because the channels are stored within the phone. Furthermore, this new product provides a way to create mobile social communities around any given content.

Users can create an unlimited number of channels, which they can then share with customers or friends. All channels are public and free by default, but you have the option to make them private or even pay-per-view, using SMS micro-payments. A unique code identifies each channel —like a web address you can share with others. Customers can then subscribe to any channel of their choosing.

The mobile application, based on Java MIDP 1.0, synchronizes information channels from the server into the mobile device, therefore content is stored locally to be watched as many times as desired.

This is a unique delivery system, but I see a problem in that users still have to download a mobile application to get involved. This will always act as a roadblock in getting a substantial number of users, unlike simple SMS. The platform itself does look easy to operate, and the offline aspects of the mobile content is a great idea, but I think the delivery is questionable.