PubNative Opens Up New Doors for Native Inventory

PubNative Opens Up New Doors for Native InventoryOn Wednesday, NativeMobile broke the news that PubNative, a Berlin-headquartered native Supply Side Platform, had big news in the works.

Before the day was done, we knew exactly what that news was.

PubNative has just unveiled what it calls the world’s first mobile native adaptor for all types of demand sources, enabling all mobile ad networks and demand-side platforms to access native inventory.

“We are excited to release the world’s first-ever mobile native adaptor for our partners and the industry at large,” Ionut Ciobotaru, Co-Founder and Managing Director at PubNative, told Native Mobile.

“The majority of mobile demand does not support native formats, but the PubNative native adaptor enables access to native inventory like no solution has done before,” Ciobotaru adds. “It also gives publishers more options for increasing revenue, as the adaptor provides diversified demand for their native ad units, thereby increasing ad relevancy as well as eCPMs.”

The company says that more than 90 percent of mobile demand does not support native formats.

Not surprisingly, PubNative’s efforts are being well received.

Elad Natanson, founder of app distribution platform Appnext, says PubNative’s adaptor technology “allows our advertisers to extend their global distribution by seamlessly enriching their campaigns with the necessary assets to access wider premium mobile native inventory.”