PubMatic Gets the Win: Sony Mobile Communications Picks Company to Power Its Premium Mobile Apps

PubMatic Gets the Win Sony Mobile Communications Picks Company to Power Its Premium Mobile AppsPubMatic just scored a coup.

The lauded marketing automation software company for publishers has just been selected by Sony Mobile Communications to exclusively power the programmatic advertising and ad serving for the in-app advertising inventory on a number of its premium mobile apps.

Sony Mobile will also utilize PubMatic’s software development kit (SDK) to power its in-app advertising experience.

“Sony Mobile Communications is working with PubMatic to monetize the sizable growth opportunity presented by the mobile advertising market,” according to a statement provided to MMW. “In the U.S. alone, according to eMarketer, there is a $30.4 billion mobile advertising opportunity in 2015, expected to grow to $65.5 billion by 2019, as advertising spending on mobile media catches up to consumers’ time spent on mobile devices.”

Sony knows high performance mobile apps are now a critical necessity.

“We selected PubMatic to power the advertising within our mobile apps because it offered in-depth, real-time analytics,” said Carl-Fredrik Martensson, Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Mobile Communications.

“As consumers spend more and more time on connected devices, we believe PubMatic’s approach is best suited to helping us manage our most valuable asset — the relationship between consumers and our content and services,” Martensson concluded.