Publicis & Yahoo Team For Cross-Carrier Marketing

A difficult aspect of launching successful mobile campaigns is the fact that it’s hard to build a campaign that works between all devices, carriers, and other variables. Most mobile ad-agencies don’t have the in-house know-how to be able to produce a comprehensive campaign that will reach the masses.

Paris-based advertising holding company Publicis Groupe announced recently plans to partner with Yahoo to provide better mobile marketing offerings and a true all-in-one service to provide cross-device, and cross-carrier advertising worldwide.

They’ve integrated their mobile marketing agency, Phonevalley, with Yahoo’s Blueprint technology which is the backbone of Yahoo! Go. “Go” is a platform that supports widgets and third-party apps on mobile devices. Blueprint, in theory, allows developers to create an app once that can run on the Yahoo Go platform, which is then compatible with hundreds of phones around the world. Their intention with this is to provide brands working with Publicis the ability to tap into this capability, making it easier to develop one campaign that could work on various phones, carriers and across multiple countries.

Phonevalley is claiming to be the first global agency to integrate Blueprint. In addition, Yahoo and Publicis will work with Yahoo’s Smart Ads technology, allowing Publicis to create numerous permutations of a given brand’s message more easily.

This again shows just how serious Yahoo is about mobile. We’ve covered several partnerships between Yahoo and mobile companies in the recent past that proves Yahoo is using mobile to boost its market share and to regain ground in the mobile search arena. Just last week, Yahoo announced five new partners, bringing the total list of carriers that uses its mobile search to 60 over the last 18 months. By partnering with carriers and device manufacturers, Yahoo is making sure it’s the first point-of-contact when using mobile search. It’s smart thinking on behalf of Yahoo, and seems to be working as planned.