PTO Today Turns to Mobile Payments to Boost School Fundraising

With school budgets perpetually under fire and facing challenges across the country today, there has never been a higher premium on fundraising efforts spearheaded by parents and even students.

Fortunately, school-related fundraisers, auctions and group events are getting easier thanks to the new partnership between PTO Today, a leading resource for school parent groups, and PayAnywhere, a leader in mobile point of sale solutions.

Launched this spring, the partnership of PayAnywhere and PTO Today makes it possible for members to be able to accept credit and debit card payments for a variety of K-8 sponsored events including fundraisers, auctions, group dues or any other event, directly from their smartphones and tablets.
“People are carrying less cash these days, but that doesn’t mean parent groups have to miss out on making a sale, receiving a donation, or collecting dues on time,” explains Gene Schenberg, vice president of sales at PayAnywhere. “PayAnywhere makes it simple to pay with a credit card; just swipe, sign with your finger, and go. It’s easy and safe, but also brings additional benefits like electronic receipts for easy record keeping, and funds automatically deposited into parent group’s accounts, saving time and hassle.”

With PayAnywhere there are no hidden fees, no setup, monthly or cancellation fees. PTOs and PTAs using PayAnywhere enjoy a low 2.69 percent fee for swiped transactions and the fastest payouts in the industry, with transaction funds typically deposited in merchant accounts the next day.

“For busy parents, time is always at a premium and convenience is key, which is why we’re so excited to partner with PayAnywhere to bring really, really simple payment solutions to local school PTOs and PTAs,” adds PTO Today founder, Tim Sullivan. “Whether it’s collecting dues payments, taking in field trip fees or selling the next roll of gift wrap, the convenience of taking credit or debit cards makes the whole process so much easier for all – quicker orders, less paperwork and no cash to handle. It’s a huge win.”

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