Promisec Pushes Ahead with Mobile Workforce Solution

home-office-336377_960_720The folks at Promisec, a pioneer in Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), have just announced Promisec Integrity to “address challenges of securing today’s increasingly mobile workforce.”

Promisec Integrity expands Promisec’s independent enforcement of IT policy, vulnerability detection, and high-priority patching to include coverage of off-network endpoints.

Delivered through a flexible hybrid architecture, Promisec Integrity combines the benefits of cloud and on-premise deployment and strengths of agentless and agent-based inspections.

“As today’s threat landscape becomes more complex, enterprises need to address high risk security issues and IT policy gaps before they can be exploited. The threat surface has widened with the increase of mobile and homeworking practices,” said Dan Ross, CEO of Promisec. “Particularly problematic are the endpoints that spend significant time outside the network only to return periodically into the network, at which point any compromise to the endpoint while outside of network may now have a pathway to rest of the network.”

“We’re excited to announce our new Cloud offering ‘Integrity’ which gives companies the ability to address the emerging security and compliance challenges presented with Mobile and off-network devices,” added Ross.

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