Promise of Free Coffee is Magic for Mobile Engagement

Promise of Free Coffee is Magic for Mobile EngagementFor the upcoming holiday season, mobile-smart Starbucks is trying something new.

While Starbucks always emphasizes gift cards during the holidays, this year they are taking things a few steps further by offering 13 lucky winners the opportunity to win 30 years of free Starbucks.

Since fewer consumers are shopping in store for holiday gifts, Starbucks has been focusing more on their mobile transactions. Currently Starbucks processes seven million transactions each week on mobile devices in the United States.

For the holiday season they are encouraging both gift card use and mobile payments. And the prospect of free coffee — a lot of free coffee — will inspire many Starbucks regulars to use their mobiles more often for a chance to win.

Beginning December 2nd, all gift card purchases and purchases made through their mobile app will be entered to win more than 500,000 prizes spanning everything from a single cup of free coffee to coffee for life.