Prominent Lead Generation Firm ReviMedia Acquires N2O Marketing

ReviMedia, a global leader in performance-based marketing, has announced its acquisition of home security assets from N2O Marketing.

The acquisition, we’re told, will extend ReviMedia’s vertical portfolio and enable the company to launch lead generation campaigns in the home security space.

ReviMedia will further build out N2O Marketing’s website properties and integrate the new vertical into its proprietary lead exchange platform, LXP.

N2O Marketing will support ReviMedia as strategic partners and assist the lead generation company with their extensive knowledge and experience. ReviMedia is now working on exclusive new services for local dealers, as well as mobile Click2Call functionality.

Further details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“There is a massive need in the $10B U.S. home security industry for relevant and qualified leads. ReviMedia’s lead verification and scoring platform minimizes fraud while still allowing for real-time lead delivery. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to help satisfy this ongoing demand,” said Gregg Groenemann, CEO of N2O Marketing, in a press release issued yesterday.