Progress Touts New Digital Transformation Solutions to Combat Digital Denial

smartphone-565610_960_720Most enterprise decision makers see digital transformation as a critical imperative, yet few have reached full production and roll out. Those same decision makers feel they have to make significant inroads with digital transformation in the next 12 months before they begin to suffer financially or from competitive threats. That’s why Progress says its is moving forward with its strategic vision and Progress DigitalFactory solutions, to enable enterprises to harness the full potential of digital business.

That news was shared with MMW on Monday.

“When we set forth on our own digital transformation journey, we identified four fundamentals for success—optimize customer engagement, collaborate with partners, unburden IT and simplify operations,” said Phil Pead, CEO of Progress. “Our vision and DigitalFactory solutions are a direct result of living these tenets each day. We know technology is not the entire answer. Rather, it’s part of a larger perspective that includes a shift in thinking and stronger levels of collaboration between the CIO and CMO. Progress has the experience, capabilities and technology to partner with our community of digital decision makers to ensure we’re arming them with the right tools to put them on the path they need to succeed.”

“Going digital is not a nice to have—it’s a requirement if you still want to be around in five years,” adds Jacqui Safis, eBusiness Solutions, NorthWestern Energy. “While we face the same day-to-day challenges as anyone else, we recognized early on the need to have a strategy in place and to begin taking steps in that strategy. When Progress showed us DigitalFactory solutions, we were blown away. Their vision is exactly in line with our own digital efforts. There’s no doubt that DigitalFactory solutions will help us keep pace and stay competitive in this ever-evolving market.”

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