Programmatic Ad Software Solutions Provider Announces PreVid

smartphone-1281632_960_720GetIntent, a  provider of programmatic advertising software solutions, announced today that PreVid, a proprietary fill-rate optimization algorithm-as-a-service, has completed closed beta testing and will soon be available to the public.

Per this week’s announcement, designed to provide outcome probability events for each impression, the video-first, data-driven technology has been successful in achieving more than a 10x increase in fill rate.

“Video is the most valuable real estate on a publisher’s website and too many of these impressions are filled with a large waterfall overhead,” says Vladimir Klimontovich, Co-Founder and CTO of GetIntent. “Fill rate is the most crucial KPI in online video advertising, and we were excited to use our predictive intelligence to shorten the chain of demand sources and create a superior method of calculating the probability selling/filling each impression.”

CenterPoint Media participated in the beta testing, according to this week’s announcement.

“One great aspect of digital advertising is that true innovation in the space can always be quantified,” said Paul Roberts, CEO of CenterPoint Media. “Since we began using PreVid, our fill rate has increased more than 300%. GetIntent has set the stage to solve many more problems like this for the industry using technology we have yet to see in the space.”