PrivacyStar Rolls Out Call and Text Message Blocking Service

On Wednesday, PrivacyStar rolled out the introductory red carpet for Metro Block-it, a new call and text message blocking service for MetroPCS Communications, Inc. customers.

The service also allows customers to directly file complaints against telemarketers and debt collectors with the Federal Trade Commission and is now available on MetroPCS’ Android smartphones, with support for BlackBerry smartphones and feature phone service coming soon.

According to company’s formal announcement of the feature, MetroPCS is the first national mobile service provider to offer the PrivacyStar service directly to its customers.

“We recognize that MetroPCS is innovative in delivering superior services and features to its customers,” said Jeff Stalnaker, CEO of PrivacyStar. “With Metro Block-it we will power a request that was driven by millions of MetroPCS customers to provide them with the best privacy service available.”

Metro Block-it is billed as offering a versatile call blocking functionality that gives users the ability to block unwanted calls and text messages from individual numbers, and all private and unknown numbers.

“All blocked numbers can be managed directly from the user’s phone,” the company says, “enabling them to easily monitor all activity on their account as well as block and unblock callers and see when and how many times a blocked number has tried to be in contact.”