PriceGrabber Data Shows One-Third of Consumers Will Be Early Adopters of Apple’s iPhone 5

On the heels of reports suggesting that it’s now almost a guarantee that Apple will release the 5th generation iPhone this September, PriceGrabber is reporting that the refreshed Apple smartphone will likely meet an even larger-than-expected crowd of early buyers.

According to PriceGrabber, a new study polling nearly 3000 US respondents indicates that possibly as many as 35% of consumers will buy the iPhone 5 as soon as it is released.

51% in total plan to buy the device within its first full year of availability. 31%, however, intend to own it before the close of 2011.

PriceGrabber’s findings further indicate that would-be buyers are most hopeful that the refreshed device will sport a better battery life than the previous model – the iPhone 4. Although iPhone fans also expressed hope that a lower than usual price tag would also accompany the iPhone 5’s arrival, there is little if any evidence to suggest that Apple will reduce its standard introductory prices for the new iPhone models.

During Apple’s third fiscal third quarter, which ended June 19, 2011, Apple sold a whopping 20 million iPhones – a full 142% spike over the same quarter in 2010.