Premium Mobile Video Popularity Surges as HBO Go App Reaches 3 Million Downloads

Premium cable television giant HBO is on brag-watch. The iconic name in home entertainment says its recently released HBO Go app has reached three million downloads.

HBO Go enables HBO subscribers to view more than 1,400 programs on demand via their Apple iPad tablets, iPhones, and Android devices, assuming their cable providers support the app.

HBO Go saw 1 million downloads in its first week of availability alone.

Distinct from the likes of Hulu+, HBO go users have unlimited access to every episode of their favorite shows. By doing so, HBO is sending a clear message to major rivals – including Netflix, which doesn’t offer the uninterrupted fleet of HBO programming.

As a result, HBO may have successfully established a customer deterrent to Netflix, particularly among users who could have otherwise jumped ship.

Putting HBO’s impressive downloads into perspective, the premium cable network presently enjoys 28 million subscribers. The 3 million customers who have downloaded the HBO Go app (more than 10% of HBO’s total audience) suggest longtime subscribers are quickly adopting the mobile platform – a reality that bodes well for HBO’s future revenue streams, particularly as audiences rapidly move away from the television screen to absorb entertainment content via mobile device.