Poynt Debuts Location-Based Mobile Advertising Platform For Local Businesses

Poynt, an LBS-based mobile search provider, today launched a new tool for local businesses to leverage location-based mobile advertising on a hyperlocal level.

Dubbed “Poynt Offer Engine,” the new platform allows local businesses to push promotions and targeted offers to potential customers nearby.  The Poynt mobile app, available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry, lets users search while providing results based on their location.  Users can choose from five categories: restaurants, movies, businesses, people and gas, and then can either automatically see what’s in their area or search for something specific.  The app was introduced in 2008 and has been downloaded over 4 million times, even winning awards in the process.

Utilizing geo-fencing, the Poynt Offer Engine allows businesses to send highly relevant offers to users when they come in close proximity to their physical locations, whether it’s a coupon or any other location-relevant promotion.  On the backend, the company has set up a dashboard which allows businesses to manage their promotions and see how many mobile users are in their area in real-time.  Through the dashboard, a local business can also see how many promotions have been redeemed.

The platform is not unlike others entering the market, but Poynt’s offering will likely be successful given the large user base and reach it possesses.  On a hyperlocal level, businesses are still left with few options to leverage the location craze to their advantage, and Poynt provides yet another option.