PowaTag Offers Up New Solution For Engaging With Mobile Consumers

PowaTag Offers Up New Solution For Engaging With Mobile ConsumersAccording to eMarketer, digital spending now accounts for over 25 per cent of the $545 billion spent worldwide this year, and it continues to grow at a rapid rate.

This leaves many brands and businesses across all industries searching for ways they can capitalize on mobile commerce and engage with their target audience on mobile devices.

To that end, Powa Technologies recently introduced their new product PowaTag. PowaTag allows consumers to perform a multitude of mobile functions from their mobile devices. This includes scanning tags, accessing digital watermarks, and using specialized social media links.

The goal is to simplify the ways in which brands and businesses can engage with their consumers in real-time as well as link digital with traditional advertising mediums such as print, billboards, and magazine ads.

“PowaTag provides a frictionless way to convert any consumer engagement into a concluded transaction, wherever it takes place,” says Georges Le Nigen, CEO PowaTag North America. “Despite the boom in online and mobile advertising, eCommerce still requires users to complete a cumbersome engagement and checkout process – which 67 per cent fail to complete on desktop – 97 per cent on mobile devices. PowaTag eliminates this clumsy, off-putting process with its ability to provide one-tap checkouts.”

To check out PowaTag in action, have a look at the video shared with MMW below.