PostUp Launches ‘Audience Development Solution’ Email Engagement for Digital Publishers and Media Firms

EmailPostUp, leader in end-to-end email marketing technology, has launched “Audience Development Solution,” a full service program designed for publishers and media companies that want to grow their email audiences and increase consumer engagement.

“In addition to being the only ESP with email capture tools built into our platform, we are thrilled to be the only to offer a full-service audience development solution designed with the unique needs of media and publishing companies in mind,” said Tony D’Anna, CEO of PostUp. “We continue to roll out new solutions specifically focused on serving the publisher and media company sector, most recently with our CTR program launch. This latest offering is focused on the foundation and greatest source of revenue in any email marketing program — i.e. its audience.”

One key is building relationships.

“PostUp has extensive experience helping large clients to build their email marketing programs by developing their audiences while building better relationships with them,” a statement emailed to MMW reads. “For instance, they recently worked with to increase the size of the company’s database by 32 percent over the last year alone.”

Interestingly, PostUp is the only company that provides a full-service “do no harm” approach to audience development.

“PostUp’s team uses its expertise to design, build, and deploy capture tools on clients’ websites and social media channels, and then closely monitors those tools to ensure that email capture efforts do not negatively impact clients’ KPIs, whether it’s social shares, page views, etc. PostUp takes on the onus of designing, building, testing and tweaking capture tools for optimum performance,” according to the company.

More details are available at