Porsche Aims for Mobile Audience

Let’s be real honest. If most of us received an ad on our mobiles promoting the latest Porsche, that doesn’t change the fact that most of us still can’t afford one.

However, the idea behind Porsche’s new mobile marketing endeavor isn’t without good reason. In just a 4-month-long pilot run, mobile outperformed Porsche’s wider campaign to convince buyers it was more than just “an unaffordable icon.”

If you haven’t seen the ad, the mobile piece was integrated into the tail end of an 18-month-long “affordability campaign” aimed to dispel the notion that the German-made sports car was financially out of reach.

As we now understand it, this campaign was engendered by company research showing that interested Porsche customers mistakenly perceived that the car’s price tag and ownership costs were higher than they really were.

Porsche saw mobile as an opportunity because its customers are technologically savvy and always connected. The ad delivers a straightforward message stating “You can own one, click to see how” or “Can you afford a Porsche? Just say “I can.”