‘Pop’ Goes the Engagement Marketing with New Consumer Data Product

'Pop' Goes the Engagement Marketing with New Consumer Data ProductA rep for Offerpop confirmed to MMW this morning that the company has just added a new “consumer data product” to its engagement marketing software-as-a-service platform.

According to the provided statement, the offering empowers brands “to develop rich consumer profiles, perform advanced segmentation and analysis, and activate consumers through highly targeted and personalized marketing initiatives.”

“Today’s ‘always on’ world offers limitless opportunities for brands to engage with consumers across digital and traditional channels. It’s now critical for marketers to harness the new data stemming from these engagement programs to better understand their consumers, and activate and convert their audiences,” said Wendell Lansford, CEO of Offerpop. “Our new data product allows brands to collect, own and manage their consumer engagement data in one system built to produce the best marketing results in the industry.”

Thanks to this latest effort, the company says brands can now unlock the power of proprietary consumer engagement data to “deepen understanding of consumers and improve conversion across marketing channels.”

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