Pollfish Provides Tips for Getting Faster, Better Survey Responses

Pollfish Helps Marketers Reel in Better Consumer Intelligence with Mobile In-App SurveysBrand marketers and others plumbing the depths of the consumer consciousness have a friend in surveys. Surveys are relatively inexpensive, can be designed to elicit the information most desired, and normally yield insights that are actionable.

But how can a survey response rate be increased?

“You have to stick to some of the basics but considering your audience’s time and attention span,” advises Pollfish, the global leader in mobile surveys. “The topic must be relevant.  And it shouldn’t interrupt (consumers’) natural flow of doing things throughout the day, otherwise it’ll be seen as an interruption and you may not get the best results.”

When it comes to basics, one is optimizing for a variety of devices, since people are cross-device creatures today.

“Your survey should be optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Services like Pollfish can reach people on both desktop web and in-app on mobile, so you have a better chance of reaching the people, and getting survey responses fast.”

Audience selection is key. That selection will ensure that the surveying organization receives responses from people who match the criteria best defining the target audience.

Other advice?

“Keep surveys short and don’t overload survey respondents with unnecessary questions,” explains Pollfish. “Make the survey questions easy to understand and you will increase the speed of survey responses.”

Incentives — bonuses for people who respond and participate — can induce more consumers to take time out for a survey.

“Yes, there are many respondents who answer surveys honestly to provide insights or feedback, however, you have a better chance of getting more responses faster if you offer an incentive like a thank you gift for completing the survey, or by entering them into a ‘lottery’ type system where one randomly selected winner is chosen to receive a prize,” notes Pollfish.

Want to know more about mobile surveys and scoring survey responses fast? Check out this Pollfish video shared below.