Pollfish Promises Better Monetization, Feedback with Mobile Survey SDK

pollfishThe global leader in mobile surveys, Pollfish, is now promising better monetization — as well as helpful in-app feedback — with its mobile survey SDK for Android and iOS.

“The Pollfish mobile survey SDK for Android and iOS enables easy survey distribution through mobile apps and instant collection of responses and feedback from users,” notes the company in a recent blog post. “Integration of the Pollfish mobile survey SDK provides a number of benefits to partner apps, including a great revenue stream and a powerful insights tool.”

According to Pollfish, the surveys are popular because they have payouts that “no other ad solution can match”; the set-up is easy (a 2-minute job); data shows surveys boost retention and improve the user experience; and surveys work better than ads.

“Surveys are not ads and therefore are becoming one of the most popular trends in the mobile app monetization landscape since they are highly rewarding and and an interactive and fun way to earn free in-app goodies,” explains Pollfish.

While monetization is a prime concern, Pollfish’s mobile survey SDK allows developers to communicate with app users and better understand their needs. The instant feedback from app users can be helpful, indeed.

“By integration of the Pollfish SDK app publishers can create through the Pollfish DIY survey tool surveys for their own app users and ask them questions like “What feature you would like to see in a future release?” or “What didn’t you like in the previous release?” notes Pollfish. “This way they can easily understand their users’ needs and define a better strategy for future releases.”

For more details, check out the Pollfish blog here.