Pollfish Helps Marketers Reel in Better Consumer Intelligence with Mobile In-App Surveys

pollfishPollfish — the world’s largest mobile survey network — is aiming to transform consumer intelligence through mobile in-app surveys.

A powerful tool for marketers and professionals across a diverse array of industries, Pollfish lets users create surveys in minutes, with results returned in hours as opposed to days.

Although the vast research community continues to fall short of harnessing the power and potential of mobile to its utmost today, Pollfish is giving people and organizations large and small an effective and affordable opportunity that could go a long way to push mobile to the forefront of the research world’s focus.

Pollfish is an online survey tool that makes collecting survey results from a global network of over 240 million respondents (online and via mobile devices) a “quick and painless process.”

Pollfish is transforming survey intelligence with the most accurate and cost effective results and the quickest survey completion times. Pollfish lets you survey millions of respondents in real time, 24/7/365. With Pollfish, entrepreneurs, professional agencies, brand managers, and market researchers always have the market intelligence they need to stay informed and outpace the competition.

So what are the advantages of Pollfish over other companies in the consumer survey market?

Pollfish says it delivers much faster and organically randomized respondents. Where other providers have “mobile friendly” web surveys that with limited mobile audience reach, Pollfish has “embraced the changing tide and created a mobile-optimized survey platform that meets consumers where they spend their time, thus creating an audience ten times the size of competitors, and growing every second.”

Pollfish CEO John Papadakis readily admits that the mobile ad experience falls short for both users and publishers. But Pollfish is now in a position to change that reality.

“We knew there had a better way to engage users, capture valuable data, and democratize the process of capturing valuable data, allowing anyone to gain access it to it — affordably,” Papadakis said Wednesday.

And the company’s timing couldn’t be better.

Today, between 70% and 90% of startups and products fail because, as Pollfish puts it, they “don’t have solid, market-proven research backing them up.”

“Engaging your audience members — on their terms — is a crucial step for every entrepreneur, marketer, agency, or business owner,” the company says. “Mobile surveys are the best way to discover your potential customers’ opinions and perceptions, their likes and dislikes, how to better serve their needs, and get as specific as state and city level targeting — critical in this election year and for local market research needs. And in the world of mobile surveys, no one is doing it better than Pollfish.”

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