Poll: BYOD Enhances Workplace Productivity

Poll BYOD Enhances Workplace ProductivityBOYD in the workplace is boosting workplace productivity. That’s according to CompuCom, which has just announced the results of its recent website poll.

The findings reveal that 67 percent of IT professionals strongly agree (37 percent) or agree (30 percent) that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies enhance their productivity in the workplace.

“A major concern about the explosive growth of BYOD has been whether the use of personal devices in the workplace would actually increase productivity or become a distraction,” says CompuCom CTO Sam Gross. “This poll data suggests the former: two-thirds of IT professionals, including C-level executives, agree that it boosts productivity.”

BYOD programs are simple in concept but quickly run into headwinds when it comes to figuring out usage policies, security, data access, app delivery and cost to implement and manage, he went on to explain.

“Well thought-out programs, compliant with business and IT polices within a strong governance model, are just as important as selecting a tool and turning on a capability,” Gross concluded. “BYOD is not ‘BYO Easy’ but it is fast becoming a fact of life in the workplace, proving its value as more than a nice-to-have for employees.”